Meet the Team


Jack Barbera

Portland State University

Dr. Barbera is serving as the primary investigator at the lead institution for the CHIRAL project. He is responsible for review panels of the instruments and general management of the project. He has a long history of being dedicated to the improvement of chemistry education research methods and this project is just one way that he hopes to impact the field in a positive way. View: Barbera Research Group

Regis Komperda

San Diego State University

Dr. Komperda is primarily responsible for the identification of relevant assessments to the chemistry education community and collection of information related to each one displayed on the CHIRAL site. She has dedicated much of her career to psychometric evaluation of validity and reliability of instruments available to the chemistry education community. View: Komperda Research Group

Jordan Harshman

Auburn University


Dr. Harshman is primarily responsible for the development of the CHIRAL website (contracted through Baker Street Design and Development, LLC), glossary of information, and measuring the impact of the CHIRAL site. Like the other members of the team, he has a passion for high-quality assessments being readily available to members of the chemistry education community. View: Harshman Research Group


The CHIRAL project would not be possible without the efforts and expertise of many individuals from across the chemistry education community and beyond.

Dylan Alcazar - San Diego State University
Tyree Baker - San Diego State University
Adriana Corrales - University of North Texas
Paulina Cortez - San Diego State University
Qi Cui - Auburn University
Victoria Delgado - San Diego State University
Katherine Lazenby - San Diego State University
Jan Lipovaca - San Diego State University
Tina Marcroft - San Diego State University/University of California San Diego
Sharai Mendez - San Diego State University
Yousif Muten - Auburn University
Nicole Naibert - Portland State University
Allison Phillips - San Diego State University
Eleanor Quirk - University of California San Diego
Song (Ted) Wang - San Diego State University/University of California San Diego
Erica Sisouphanthong - San Diego State University
Kristin Tenney - San Diego State University/University of California San Diego
Grace Trihn - San Diego State University

Advisory Board Members
Anne Baranger - University of California, Berkeley (College of Chemistry)
Kathleen Carrigan - Portland Community College
Deanna Cullen - Retired high school teacher, Grand Valley State University (Department of Chemistry, adjunct)
Nathaniel Hunsu - University of Georgia (College of Engineering)
Jennifer Lewis - University of South Florida (Department of Chemistry)
Andrew Maul - University of California, Santa Barbara (Gervitz Graduate School of Education)
Eleanor Sayre - Kansas State University (Department of Physics)
Hannah Sevian - University of Massachusetts, Boston (Department of Chemistry)

Review Panelists
Molly Atkinson - University of North Texas
Morgan Balabanoff - University of Louisville
Derek Behmke - Adelphi University
Corina Brown - University of Northern Colorado
Julia Chan - California State University, Fullerton
Kim Cortes - Kennesaw State University
Rebecca Gibbons - University of South Florida
Katy Hosbein - Middle Tennessee State University
Lisa Kendhammer - California State University, Chico
Alexey Leontyev - North Dakota State University
Scott Lewis - University of South Florida
Yujuan Liu - California State University, Sacramento
Tom Pentecost - Grand Valley State University
Maia Popova - University of North Carolina, Greensboro
Guizella Rocabado - Southern Utah University
Erin Saitta - University of Central Florida
Rebecca Sansom - Brigham Young University
Jaclyn Trate - University of Wisconsin, Madison
Sachel Villafane - California State University, Fullerton
Paulette Vincent-Ruz - New Mexico State University