Jack Barbera

Portland State University

Dr. Barbera is serving as the primary investigator at the lead institution for the CHIRAL project. He is responsible for review panels of the instruments and general management of the project. He has a long history of being dedicated to the improvement of chemistry education research methods and this project is just one way that hopes to impact the field in a positive way.

Regis Komperda

San Diego State University

Dr. Komperda is primarily responsible for the identification of relevant assessments to the chemistry education community and collection of information related to each one displayed on the CHIRAL site. She has dedicated much of her career to psychometric evaluation of validity and reliability of instruments available to the chemistry education community.

Jordan Harshman

Auburn University

Dr. Harshman is primarily responsible for the development of the CHIRAL website (contracted through Baker Street Design and Development, LLC), glossary of information, and measuring the impact of the CHIRAL site. Like the other members of the team, he has a passion for high-quality assessments being readily available to members of the chemistry education community.